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August, 2019

MIRU SYSTEMS and BMSTU has signed new contracts for development high secure voting system.

MIRU Systems has
been working with BMSTU for more than 10 years. The Optional Documents Scanner, co-developed by MIRU Systems and BMSTU, was used in the 2018 presidential election in Russia. Since then, it has been expanding cooperative relations in various fields

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September 12, 2017 - Digital Times in KOREA

Election automation IT system export momentum received

It is confirmed that the export of automation devices for election automation equipment of related enterprises has greatly increased as the government's ODA, which was conducted for foreign countries, became a prime role.

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January 21, 2018 - Partial extract

The Discussion Meeting on the Performance and Diagnosis of the Global Assistance Program

Kyrgyzstan has been confused by regime change due to illegal election in the past. With the introduction of the system, it has been able to count more than 97% within two hours of the election deadline.

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September 12, 2017 - YONHAP NEWS

Small and Medium Businesses Export $ 120 Million of counting equipment to Iraq

Domestic small businesses are exporting $ 100 million (about $ 120 billion) to Iraq. According to the Iraqi Embassy in Korea on Friday, MIRU Systems, an election appliance maker, recently signed a contract to supply counting equipment with the Iraqi National Election Commission.

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