There are 4 steps of Election Procedures

for an Election

  • Polling station (Center) management
  • Voter Registration & management
  • Staff management
  • Observer accreditation
  • Candidate administration
  • Training
  • Ballot Production
  • (definition, generation)
  • Election Management System
  • Voter Registration System
  • Ballot Printer
  • Election Management System

    MIRU’s Election Management System (EMS) is an application that automatically generate all the tools needed to prepare and conduct an election.

    From voter registration , to and ballot design candidate's nominations, EMS organizes the information in any given country or region where an automated election process will be deployed with security, simplicity and accuracy.

    • Jurisdiction specification and Polling stations management
    • Staff management, observer accreditation
    • Candidate registration
    • Ballot generation
    • Results collection, Results tabulation
    • Winner proclamation, Election results publication

  • Multi-Functional Voter Identification System

    MVIS is a versatile device, with voter registration and certification and the ability to transmit voting results

    Portable all-in-one device. All-inclusive and cost-efficient solution

    Device used to authenticate the voting rights before voting MVIS has some additional features besides basic voter authentication It has the ability to register voters. When registering voters fingerprints can be registered and used for authentication After the voting is finished, the voting result can be transmitted to the center It is usually used to certify voters, but in countries with poor infrastructure, it can be used for versatile purposes such as registering voters and transmitting election results

  • Ballot Printer

    Using the BP eliminates paper wastes, print the ballot with the most recently updated candidate list, and the voters to vote anywhere in the country/region can be possible. Print out ballot paper up to A3 size

    You can use the Ballot Printer to create a ballot before or on the voting day. Print out accurately the voting media images defined by EMS. If printed on the day of voting, you may exclude candidates who have resigned. In Korea, Ballot printer is used for pre-election For security and validation, you can print serial numbers and barcodes. Additional features may be added to suit other customer needs


  • Voter Identification
  • Provide solutions for Manual voting
  • Provide solutions for touch screen based electronic voting
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Election Management System
  • Voter Identification System
  • Touch Screen Voting System
  • Polling station Count Optical Scanner
  • Voter Identification System

    The VIS is used to identify voters through fingerprint matching or ID checking. The voter eligibility check is much easier, quicker and more accurate.

    Portable device with built-in ID and fingerprint scanners

    Portable device that authenticates voting rights before voting. It is equipped with dual monitors that poll worker and voters can see separately You can select an ID or a fingerprint scanners to identify voters. An electronic pen for signing can be selected as an option

  • Polling Station Count Optional Scanner

    PCOS is an optical scanner, specifically designed to automate vote counting in manual elections

    Ease of use, Secure, Accurate, Verifiable, Fast

    Once the voter is authenticated and deemed eligible to vote, the poll worker will hand out the right ballot to the voter. The voter makes a selection by filling out a paper ballot, containing as many ovals as needed depending on the election. Once finalized, the voter puts their marked ballot into the optical scanner. The PCOS scans and interprets the ballots and shows the voters about the selections on screen or in printed form. After the voter confirms the selection, the scanner encrypts and saves the vote securely and anonymously, ensuring the voter's privacy and the integrity of the vote.  At the end of the voting, the PCOS encrypts and sends the voting results to the national or regional centers.

  • Touch Screen Voting System

    MIRU’s newest touchscreen electronic voting machine

    Easy & quick process

    Provides easy voting environment with touch screen. Voting, counting, and transmission of results can all be solved on one piece of equipment Voice guidance and keypad support for the visually impaired Print out the voting into the cartridge or voting cards and store safely. If some candidates later question the electronic voting results, they can verify the voting stored in the cartridge or card by scanning it at a high speed Use smart card or specially designed voting cards to enhance security


  • Provide solutions for manual voting
  • Result Transmission / Collection
  • Trend analysis
  • Results publication
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Election Information System
  • Ballot reading & sorting System
  • Central Count Optical Scanner
  • Central Count Optical Scanner

    An optical scanner that reads and counts ballots continuously after voting is finished. Scan up to A3 size ballots to meet various requirements. CCOS can be used to quickly count ballots at polling stations or polling centers

    Ease of use, Secure, Accurate, High-speed

    After the voting is finished, classify the ballot boxes by polling station. When you put the ballot in the CCOS feed tray, it will automatically start counting. The counting process must be separated by polling station. When one polling station is completed, the next polling station can be counted When the counting operation of all polling stations has been completed, the CCOS produces as many copies of the voting station's final results report as requested. It can then transmit its results to the national or regional centers

  • Ballot Reading and Sorting System

    It is the equipment used to classify ballots after voting in manual elections

    High-speed scanning & sorting

    It is the equipment used to classify the ballot by candidate after voting in manual election. High-speed sorting of more than 420 sheets per minute is possible, and over 700 ballots can be stacked. Up to 12 classifications are possible. It is possible to classify ballots of different sizes, and has built-in double feed check function and forged paper detection option. It can be easily set up by connecting with a notebook or PC, and can save the scanned image and OMR data of the ballot paper.


  • Ballot Verification
  • Backup Voting Result
  • Event analysis
  • Report creation
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Vote Verification System
  • Voting Result data Management System
  • Election Statistics System
  • Election Statistics System (ESS)

    With MIRU's latest ESS, you can see the progress of the election countdown at a glance. ESS allows safe, accurate and fast election results consolidation

    The ESS shows the election countdown situation in various graphs and tables. Using HTML5 and Java-script It is designed to be web-based, so there is no need to install a separate client.

    • Election information, election schedule, information about polling station, A electoral roll, etc.
    • Voting and counting status (by time, by polling station)
    • Election result (party poll rate, information on the president-elect, etc.)
    • Winner proclamation
    • Results publication